Monarch Industrial Products, Manufactures & suppliers of liquid filtration and strainers for industrial applications
Monarch Industrial Screens, Strainers and Elements

Manufactures & Suppliers of Liquid Filtration and Strainers for Industrial Applications

We have experience across many industries and continue to assist businesses, large and small with their ongoing filtration needs. Our warehouse carries filter bags, vessels and pipeline strainers and we offer an in-house custom basket fabrication service.


Monarch Industrial Engineering Services

Monarch manufactured products are supplied to domestic customers and export customers in Asia-Pacific and North American region.

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Monarch Industrial Temporary Cone and Basket Strainers

Temporary Strainers are designed to provide protection for expensive pumps, valves, meters and other mechanical equipment from foreign objects.

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Monarch Y Strainer Elements and Y Strainer Screens

We fabricate an extensive range of replacement baskets, screens and elements for cast strainer, Y strainers and Tee strainers.

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